The Cycling Data project is changing focus so we are suspending data collection though the website for the time being.

The input of LCC volunteer and data collection to date has been very valuable to inform the future strategy for the Cycling Infrastructure Database. If you've contributed, thank you for your efforts.

Work is now underway to migrate the relevant elements of the CID dataset to OpenStreetMap. Once that is done we will be merging in the updates that have been collected via this site.

Future updating will then take place directly into OpenStreetMap. We'll be sending further info, and training where appropriate, later in the year.

London Cycling Data

Maintaining London's complete dataset of cycling infrastructure.

Why we're doing this

This is an opportunity to help improve cycling in London through the maintenance of a major new database of all cycling infrastructure and assets.

LCC are working with Transport for London (TfL) to update a survey that was carried out by TfL between January 2017 and May 2018.

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How you can help...

We are engaging volunteers in LCC borough groups to review cycling infrastructure in their local streets. The data ranges from new cycle lanes and low traffic neighbourhoods to signs and the humble sheffield stand.